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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  March 26, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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armed. it will be up to the u.s. attorney's office to decide whether to prosecute the case as a white hate crime. >> what a relief. what a relief this is. >> reporter: district officials made the announcement in the mayor's briefing room at the wilson building this afternoon and that police arrested a 27- year-old woman, lashawn carson, and charged her with shooting a 31-year-old gay man inside the columbia heights i-hop restaurant around 6:00 a.m. on a sunday morning, march 11th. >> and started as a verbal confrontation and escalated to a physical confrontation between two groups, and at some point, this car -- and had that gun and shot the victim in this case. >> it's a relief this is a horrendous hate crime singling out someone on the basis of a perception and that is what this is. a perception. and that they belong to a particular group. in addition, this is an insane
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crime. the people who were having breakfast at ihop, 6:00 a.m. or so. the last thing in the world one would expect is to have someone shot for brushing up against another person. >> reporter: last week, several hundred people marched through the streets of columbia heights from the i-hop down along irving street to its intersection with georgia avenue. and that is where other gay man was attacked and robbed the night after. that crime has not been solved and was, according to police, unrelated to the pancake house shooting. >> and while all crime, obviously s horrific, crimes are target victims because of their ethnic background and especially insidious and destructive to the community life. >> reporter: and police do not believe that the victim and the suspect in the i-hop shooting knew each other. investigators, brian, will not say whether they expect to make anymore arrests in that case.
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>> bob barnard tonight. another big story, a new twist in the controversy surrounding the deadly shooting of trayvon martin. police in sanford, florida, released some of the incident report from that night a month ago and now information puts a different slant on who was the aggressor. karen gray houston is live in the web center now. karen? >> reporter: the neighborhood watch volunteer george zimmerman told police that trayvon martin -- with a one- point punch and slammed his head against the sidewalk repeatedly and that is according to the police sources who talked to the orlando sentinel. we also have some new official information from police in this partial police report that was just released. under the alternate report is described as a negligent homicide and manslaughter. an unnecessary killing to prevent an unlawful act. but, again, no arrests were made or charges filed. according to the police report, trayvon martin, who was unarmed, was on the ground and several responding officers tried to revive him using cpr.
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george zimmerman who called in the suspicious person complaint stated that he had shot the subject and acknowledged he was still armd. police seized his 19 .9- millimeter semi automatic hand gun. zimmerman's back appeared to be wet as if he was lying on the back on the ground and he was bleeding from the nose and back of his head and meanwhile, martin's parents and the family lawyer said zimmerman's claims the teenager beat him are false. >> we absolutely believe in that based on the 911 tapes. he is chasing trayvon. >> i would like to say that even in death and trayvon is gone, he will not be returning to us. and that is even in death, they're still disrespecting my son and that is a shame. >> the police report shows that trayvon was six fight tall and
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wave waved 160-pounds and 345 thazimerman is 5'9" and no weight was indicated. tray von's -- trayvon's family said the fact that he was suspended from school after marijuana residue was found in a plastic baggy in his book bag had absolutely nothing to do with the shooting. brian. >> karen gray houston today. all eyes on the supreme court this week as the justices hear oral arguments whether president obama's landmark healthcare reform law is constitutional. the first day of arguments are presented today and tom fitzgerald is inside the courtroom. was today's proceeding a warm- up for tomorrow? >> and this is a warm-up case. what the court looked at was whether or not it was early to take up the case. part of the healthcare law said if you don't purchase health insurance, you have to pay a mennality on penalty on the taxes. there is this law that said you can't sue to stop attacks before that is tax collected. the justices today considered if they will have to wait until
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2015 when this law is fully impacted for them to rule. overall, what opponents are saying is that the healthcare law is unconstitutional. they say it forces people to purchase health insurance and they claim that that power is not give 10 to the government they say in the constitution. new, supporters have the opposite vow and say the law will stand. interesting in court today, felt this was a importantly released audio to try to decide the healthcare mandate was a tax or penaltiy and if it had the jurisdiction to rule now before the law is fully impacted. >> taxes are for better or for worse, the life beloved government. so what congress is trying to do is to say there is a procedure. who do you go through? >> this seems strange to think of a law that says no court can entertain a certain action and give a certain roomty. -- remedy.
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>> all of the challengers and the federal government want an answer to the critically important question: whether the affordable care act is constitutional. >> that might be what they want, but the decision in this case is not expected tountil the end of the court session in june. which, brian, can turn out to be politically explosive. that is going to be in the middle of the presidential election cycle. >> and so tomorrow is the main argument, right? >> and what we're looking at in here is three days of arguments. today's, terms, and then two on wednesday. you know, tomorrow's really the meat of all of this and they're going to get at the individual mandate. can the government tell you to purchase a service like health insurance? new, the proponents say, yes, there are many things the government should do you that may not do on your own. opponents say no. this is not in the constitution and there are several clauses and other rules that dominate
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this. >> tom fitzgerald tonight. a healthcare reform law is banned and continues to be a hot topic on the came ape trail. rick santorum said he's the only candidate who can argue effectively against the law and that mitt romney's past actions disqualify him. and he spoke outside of the supreme court today. >> and the reason i talk about obama care and its impact on economy and fundamental freedoms and mitt romney doesn't. that is because he can't because he supported government- run healthcare as governor of massachusetts. >> santorum said president obama modeled his healthcare reform law on what was done in massachusetts. and the edge on virginia now and some sheriffs are asking for help to identify suspected shoplifters. they stole more than $7,000 worth of electronics from a wal- mart. the sheriffs said to look out for the car, possibly a chrysler 300, lighter maroon with custom rims. the sheriff's department is
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asking anyone with information to give them a call. >> and developing news from philadelphia. a high-ranking church official is on trial for the way he handled sexual abuse complaints. the opening statements presented in the case against monsignor lynn is accused of covering up the complaints. here's more. >> reporter: he's charged with child endangerment and conspiracy for allegedly transferring accused priests to now assignments. he's the first u.s. official to face the charges. boston attorney represents victims of clergy sexual abuse and is not connected to this case, which he calls extremely rare. >> this is historical in nature because given the fact that a monsignor, monsignor william lynn of the catholic church is being prosecuted, means that the government is taking the next step and gone after criminally supervisor pedophile priests within the catholic church and not only the
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pedophiles themselves. >> reporter: lynn's attorney claims the client gave a list of dozens of privates with sex account complaints to cardinal anthony bevilacqua and he ordered it to be shredded. original memo was found in a locked safe at the archdiocese in 2006 and bevilacqua, who died in january nor other church officials have been charged in this case. the spokesperson for the survivor's network and those abused by priests hopes the trial leads to accountability in the catholic church. >> i hope that the best will come of it. this pushes all of us as a church body and asking the church leaders to come forward and let the truth be known, do the right thing, take real moral leadership and have justice be done and not continue with lies and cover
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ups and deskeet. >> reporter: he is accused of raping a boy in the no one 90s and they have both pleaded not guilty. a priest was expected to go on trial with the pair but edward avery pleaded guilty to a sex charge on thursday. edward avery was immediately sentenced up to five years in prison. the charges stem from his abuse as an alter boy at saint jerome's parish in philadelphia. some experts believe the trial will be closely will god by the church and law enforcement. >> and i believe they will have a conviction and will have a chilling affect on the church and that it will make the church more moral and supervisors -- susceptible to criminal charges and they won't transfer the pedophile priests. >> the trial is expected to last three to four months. just ahead on the news edge, the battle of the sexes for teenage drivers. the new aaa study shows which is more distracted behind the wheel. sue. and i hope all of the 80
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degrees temperatures and the record-breaking highs didn't get you openly enthusiastic to plant. we have a freeze warning tonight. i will let you hon how cold it's going to get. and what is going on in sports? >> things are warming up for the caps, too. and there is a handful of games left. and they own the cup. ovi's heated up, though. six goals the last four games and got the third start of week. we'll preview the big game on tuesday night. coming up   pgh  turn left.
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. >> it's barely a-year-old. road crews are fixing the inner county connector. we found premature cracks in the overpasses. georgia avenue, emory lane and the authorities discovered they were not designed with enough steel to handle the expected traffic. repairs should take six to eight weeks, the highway shoulders will be closed and the road itself will be open during repairs. a new study shows when it comes to texting and driving, a gender gap exists. aaa report shows that teen girls are twice as likely to talk on their cell phones or
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use electronic device when is driving andy that likely to reach for items in the car and tend to eat more than boys. the boys can be distracted drivers. the study found that they likely to turn around in their seats while driving and to talk to people outside of the vehicle. new hope for people suffering from diabetes. weight loss surgery could be the answer. ♪
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. >> new hope for millions of americans suffering from type ii diabetes. research shows that weight loss surgery can reverse and cure the disease. doctors say it should be offered sooner and not as a last report. here's more on the story. >> reporter: a year and a half ago, she was nearly 300 pounds. daily, she took pills and insulin to try and control her type ii diabetes. it was getting worse. as a last resort, show
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underwent weight loss surgery. when she went to the hospital four days later before major weight loss, her diabetes had disappeared. >> that was the crazy part. i don't understand that. when they came in and they checked this, my sugar -- me sugar was nothing. i left the hospital on no medication. >> reporter: and she's lost 100 pounds. the diabetes is still gone with the medicine. >> and i haven't been on anything since. >> reporter: the doctor operated on her. and he is the chief of medical surgery. he co-led a study that was published today in the new england journal of medicine that gives clear proof that weight loss surgery can reverse and cure diabetes. >> and for a long time, seen as a last resort to treat severely
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obese patients and that is seen as a weight loss intervention. i think the study published and the research that led to the studies basically suggests that we should regard surgery as a diabetes intervention. >> reporter: surgery should be offered to more people with the disease. not just as a last resort. >> and that thissing lead to a big leap in understanding diabetes. >> not just a conduit for nutrients and their controlled metabolism, very powerful. and when you change the anatomy of them, you change the way they regulate and with an improvement of body weight, diabetes, glycemia and other things. >> reporter: weight loss surgery is relatively safe. like all major surge surgery, there is risks like bleeding and infection and there can be complications after the surgery
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like malnutrition and hernias. and i guess, about average. >> above average. sixty degrees and we were sea far off of the charts last week, we're on the pace to have the warmest march ever and with this big correction in temperatures and we're going to get chilly tonight and now with a widespread froze warning that is into effect. and looking live across northwest d.c., call your attention to the western sky later tonight. the beautiful crescent moon and that brilliant planet next to it is venus. you can so that an hour after sunset. and check it out tonight. and get prepared to protect any sensitive plants that you may have in that ground. you have a froze warning for
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everyone with the exception of calvert and saint mary's county and that is meaning that temperatures are locally for many areas and we could get as low as 33 degrees and where you run into problems is if you're going to get to 28 degrees or lower for three hours and the best chance of that happening is to the west. and i have put my own house plants on the porch and go strong drag them in and if you have something you planted, cover them up tonight. the lesser chances of a widespread chance to the east and have to put it out there that that is going to hit 32 degrees and a lot of upper 20s and in the closer and some nowhere and western suburbs. 59 is average and we're still in bonus territory, even if it didn't feel like it, especially with the winds we had around the region today. 68 with the high of the in quantico. one of the warmer spots there. leonardtown, 63 degrees and only some 50s and to that north
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and west and martins bug at 59 degrees and some temperatures cool down, a 63 at quantico and 66 in annapolis; po, baltimore and 56 degrees in the district. and then factor in a pretty gusty wind still blowing to 30 miles an hour and you definitely notice the temperatures and you need something to protect yourself, too. and now, in the next few hours, the winds will get better and that is important. the next few days, though, expect a cool one tomorrow, below average the first time in a long time and that is about 56 degrees and should have a cold start in the morning and should thing on up to 71 degrees on wednesday. a couple of showers around on thursday at 64 and on friday, 65 degrees. a quick look at satellite and
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radar. no clouds around to protect us. a couple of showers here and there and on, it's fairly settled across the nation and we're expecting a couple of showers on wednesday and they should be pretty light. this is your five-day forecast. again, a chilly one tomorrow. 71 on wednesday and so the bulk of the week is still above average and with? spotty showers around on wednesday. not the prettiest day. we have some of the pollen washed up, brian. thursday and friday, and that is looking traffic. the showers or storms on saturday at 68 degrees and that is a good temperature trend. this is a short dipdown and that is a real reality adjustment. >> and thank you, sue. the nlh play-offs will begin april 11th. the team has been playing crucial games for weeks in an attempt to lock up the fifth contechive is -- consecutive trip to the sports season. next.
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. >> hi, everybody. i'm dave feldman. when the caps fired bruce bud row in november and replaced them with dale hunter, they thought this was a team going make a deep run into the play-
6:25 pm
offs. probably the stanley cup. and they're trying to make the stanley cup play-offs. and this is not going to be easy. coming down to the wire and there is only some key games left. yesterday, the caps responded with a 3-0 shutout in the wild. ovechkin with the ninth goal in seven games, and this season, tied for 8th and washington holds the tie breaker and this won't be a regular season game. >> the kind of game that everyone wants to coach and play and, you know, it's like game 7 in the series and that is a big game. the players know it, we know it and so does the other team know it. their coaches know it. should be a heck of a game. >> and this regular season, the maryland women rally from a 20- point deficit to defeat georgia tech. yesterday, a sweeter comeback. maryland fought back from an 18-
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point first-half deficit, an 11- point sec half margin to defeat the defending champions, texas a&musk, 81-74. -- ask,&m, 81-74 and high prices -- praise for the resilient team. >> i do feel that this group has all the intangibles to win it all. when we say 12 strong, it's not just a slogan or something we're saying. you witnessed it today. it's a team that genuinely cares about each other and has each other's back and is selfless and they don't care who receives the attention. and that is similar to the team we had in 2006. >> and that team won it all. new york with the lin-sanity and new tebow mania. tebow was traded last week from the broncos after denver signed peyton manning. he will back up mark sanchez, although does he want to be a
6:27 pm
backup? >> everybody that puts on a uniform, you want to go out there and you want to play. that is why you play the game of football. i'm excited to be a jet, you know, to go out there and help this team any way i can. whatever my role s however i can expand my role, i will try to do that and every day in practice, i will go out there and compete and try to get better as a quarterback and try to figure out with any way possible to help the team any way i can. >> the saints suspended sean peyton reaching out to bill parcells and asking him to be the successor while he sits out. and you have the news edge. back here at 10 on news edge.
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